Contest #2 with many more to follow

Contest 2 is coming up tomorrow (though keep an eye on our FB page should the decision change in the morning)! I hope you are pumped. 😀 It is held at the North Topsail Beach. Keep in mind for future contests that we are moving away from paper entry forms in surf shops. Here is a quick recap from Tim regarding signing up for the contests:

We are not planning on leaving entry foams in surf shops. ESA IS REQUIRING everyone to use to register and pay. Season passes are available at discounts, see me or Wes. We will also have the ability to use debit or credit card charges, need to avoid checks and cash.

Not too far behind, we have the Mid-Atlantic Regionals which is happening from May 4 to 6. Info is here. If you have any questions about the Regionals, ask Tim or Wes.

It appears we also have the Earth and Surf event and the Steel Pier Classic occurring in May. More details on this as they come.

In other news, the points from contest 1 is up on the page! We also introduced new rules on how to earn additional contest points. These particular rules apply only to the CNC district. Please refer to the Rules page for more info.