Points out for Contest 4 and Easterns Summary available

The points for the North Topsail Beach contest have been released! You can find it on the Points page. I also included the download link here for easy access.

The Easterns Master Registration Summary list is also available for you to peruse. The PDF file can be downloaded here. Easterns is not too far off! Hope y’all are excited!

Before then though, we have Contest 5 coming up quick. Wes just posted a reminder regarding it on Facebook. It is as follows:

A reminder that Contest #5 is next weekend. Be sure to get registered before Thursday [September 6]. I will be out of town so do not text me. If you cannot signup through Surfsignup you will need to send Tim or I an email. The only competitors that need to use the email process are team riders. Team riders, you need to confirm you will be in the contest. If you do not, there may not be a slot. Tim and I will not keep changing heats around. If we do not hear from you, you will not be seeded and will need to do a beach entry. If you are the only one and heats full, you will not surf. Competitors who decide to back out or cannot make the contest after registering, please let us know if you are not going to be there. owhitt@ec.rr.co and tnixon1@ec.rr.com.