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When do we hold contests?

Central North Carolina (CNC) District of the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) holds 6 contests a year from March through October. The schedule is listed on this website. At these contests, contestants accrue points for their standings in each division in which they surf. The contestants with the most points become contestants at the Regionals held in the Spring.

What are the differences between the divisions?

Mostly age and gender define the divisions. These are defined in the ESA website:

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If there are enough beginner contestants in an age category, the CNC will split the division into a 2A and a 3A category. The 2A category competes only at the CNC level. The 3A category in that division accrue points to compete in the Regionals and Easterns.

What are the Regionals?

Regionals include contestants from the Mid-Atlantic Region (Delaware through Georgia). The place that the Regionals are held alternates from year to year so that each district gets a turn at sponsoring it. From there the best contestants compete in the Fall at the Easterns with contestants from the Northeast Region (Great Lakes, New England, New York, New Jersey) and the Southeast Region (Florida). The Easterns are held in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

How do you get into the Regionals?

Based on membership in that division, each District is assigned slots in the Regionals. Contestants earn points in each Division they surf. These are totaled at the end of the season and the person who has the highest points fill the slots at the Regional.

How do I become a sponsor?

Talk to Tim Nixon (252 725-0992) or Wes Whitt (252 622-8804) our Directors. ESA/CNC is a tax-exempt organization and your contributions are tax deductible. We appreciate monetary donations as well as promotional items for prizes, equipment, gift cards, office supply cards, and service contributions.

How do I know if I'm good enough to surf a contest?

If you are under 12, the CNC offers Novice Meneheune and Meneheune Divisions for beginners. During the summer, along with Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation, we offer free beginners surf contest for the under 14 surfers. These contests offer opportunities for young surfers to meet with other surfers who can help coach them as they develop skills. This bonding is also good for older surfers.

What is a competition contest?

A competition contest is an event where surfers in a specific age division compete with their peers. There is a panel of judges who grade their surfing skills. A surfer must perform radical controlled maneuvers in the critical section of the wave with speed, power, and flow to maximize scoring potential. Innovative/Progressive surfing, as well as a variety of maneuvers, will be taken into consideration when rewarding points for waves ridden. The surfer who executes these criteria with the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves shall be rewarded with higher scores. For a more detailed description of the rules for the contest, please follow the following link: Competition Rules

How do I know if a contest is cancelled?

It will be announced on the ESA/CNC Facebook page. Contests have alternate dates posted on the schedule. If you signed up and cannot make the alternate date, let the directors know.

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