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Banquet Reminder, ESA Highlights, and Updates

The End of the Year Banquet is coming up quick! It’s at Jack’s Waterfront Restaurant in Morehead City on February 10th at 3 PM. We have good food, great times, and awesome company.

Latest updates from Wes on Facebook:

Update on activities and such.
Josh Bradley has the trailer and is cleaning the old logos off and repairing the doors and such. We plan to update our sponsor logos.

We have a great banquet planned and you will want to be there.

We are inviting past members, anyone that has been associated with the CNC District. I am starting a draft of our history to link to our website. If you see someone that has been associated in the past with the ESA/CNC, tell them about our banquet.

We have so many great surfers from our District. Let’s keep it going.

Last, I will be requesting help with deserts. If you are able to bring a desert let me know. owhitt@ec.rr.com. I will update what has been committed so we do not duplicate it. Or call me, 252-622-8804.

I am looking for an intern to help with social media, Instagram and such. Email me if you are interested. Drew is in college and was a great asset, but school is calling.

Emily Morris has been working on a new website, the old one is still up and active. We are keeping it current until we get the new website up.

I will try to have the schedule setup on Surfsign up this weekend.

We will be having raffles for gifts and will be drawing the winner for the SUP, an awesome board.

Look for more.

Some exciting highlights on ESA:

More on the ESA highlights and how our future is changing. Though not all our surfers are part of this mix, this exposure brings new ideas, new paths and new changes to our amateur organization. Simply copy and paste to your browser. If you love surfing, then you will love the new ESA!

I am very excited to share additional links that showcases the ESA in the media, in case you missed them on social media:)

Here is our press release that has been posted on our website and social media pages.
ESA Enters WSL Florida Pro Surf Competition

Here is an article that Surfer posted on Wednesday after Matt Shaw sat with our All-Star coach Jason Motes in Florida.
ESA Strikes Partnership with WSL

ESM will be doing a feature on this new chapter for the ESA as soon as they finish their coverage of the Florida Pro. I’ll be sure to let you know when that is posted.

Banquet Reminder, Regionals, and More

First off, a reminder to everyone to join us at the End of the Year Banquet at Jack’s in Morehead City. Post from Wes is as follows:

Want to remind everyone about the End of the Year Banquet at Jack’s in Morehead City, Feb 10th at 3 PM. This is open to all competitors, family and guest of the ESA/CNC family. We have a great program scheduled and some good food.

Small announcement on the Regionals and the SUP Raffle from Tim:

Tim has reserved a house for Regionals, if you are planning to go let us know. Also, we will be having the drawing for the SUP Raffle. Still time to purchase tickets.

Post on our Facebook group or contact Tim or Wes to reserve a spot at the house.

And finally is the released tentative schedule for the 2019 season. It’s almost here guys! A short month and a half away.

  • Contest #1 Bogue Pier Emerald isle March 16th
  • Contest #2 North Topsail Beach April 13th
  • Mid Atlantic Regionals Nags Head May 3rd-5th
  • Contest #3 Double Tree Atlantic Beach May 18th
  • Contest #4 Topsail Beach June 22nd
  • Contest #5 Bogue Pier Emerald Isle August 3rd
  • Contest #6 Double Tree Atlantic Beach Sept 7th

CNC Annual Banquet + Update

Ho ho ho ho. I hope y’all are having a safe and relaxing holidays and looking forward to the new year! To wrap up the year, an announcement regarding the annual banquet:

We have finally made a plan for our annual banquet it is going to be at Jack’s waterfront restaurant in Morehead city on Sunday, February 10 starting at 3 PM we are planning a fun banquet with lots of good food sponsored by banks grill and plan on having a guest speaker tell your friends and make arrangements now for the banquet our 2019 schedule is almost done and will be posted any day now we are going to start early this year in March so look for the schedule soon hope everybody gets some good surf gear for Christmas

And another thing to note:

We want everyone to remember our great sponsor’s for the 2018 Season, go by and see them.

Action Surf Shop, South Swell Surf Shop, Standup Outfitters in New Bern, Island Pet Veterinary Hospital Cape Carteret, Banks Grill, Jimmy Johns in MHC, Chic-fil-a MHC, Moore Auto in MHC, Marsh’s Surf Shop, Carolina Sports, MHC.

Sponsors make the difference. More to come on our year and how we are doing as a District. We had a great season with a lot of competitors improving, growing and making a difference in their community, something we are most proud of. Send us your highlights from school, community service and anything in your everyday life and share with your fellow surfers. We are a family of surfers, but we are also citizens and neighbors.

That about wraps it up. One additional parting note from me: expect to see updates before the new season starts. I’m really excited about it and hope you are too.

Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

Points out for Contest 4 and Easterns Summary available

The points for the North Topsail Beach contest have been released! You can find it on the Points page. I also included the download link here for easy access.

The Easterns Master Registration Summary list is also available for you to peruse. The PDF file can be downloaded here. Easterns is not too far off! Hope y’all are excited!

Before then though, we have Contest 5 coming up quick. Wes just posted a reminder regarding it on Facebook. It is as follows:

A reminder that Contest #5 is next weekend. Be sure to get registered before Thursday [September 6]. I will be out of town so do not text me. If you cannot signup through Surfsignup you will need to send Tim or I an email. The only competitors that need to use the email process are team riders. Team riders, you need to confirm you will be in the contest. If you do not, there may not be a slot. Tim and I will not keep changing heats around. If we do not hear from you, you will not be seeded and will need to do a beach entry. If you are the only one and heats full, you will not surf. Competitors who decide to back out or cannot make the contest after registering, please let us know if you are not going to be there. owhitt@ec.rr.co and tnixon1@ec.rr.com.



Contest 4 – North Topsail Beach

Contest 4 is coming up this weekend and we have a slight modification on how to sign up for it. Excerpt from Tim on Facebook:

So just an update contest number four will be held next weekend August 11 at access number four in North topsail Beach set up will be at seven contest will begin at eight we will have a cut off for the contest on Wednesday at 5 o’clock August 8 we can no longer carry cut off and Friday so please get registered by Wednesday, August 8. As always if you have any questions please respond here or call Wes or myself.

More information from Wes:

For registration this week team riders simply need to email me you will be there. If I do not hear from you by Wednesday I will not have you on the heat sheet. You could lose your slot if the division is full. We will only take late registration if there is an opening, we will not be shuffling and adding heats. owhitt@ec.rr.com.

Simply put, you must sign up by August 8 which is a Wednesday! Therefore, if you haven’t signed up yet, please do it as soon as possible. This is to make the transition easier for both surfers and directors alike in compiling the heat times.

Sign Up for Easterns + Buddy Contest this weekend

Excerpt from Tim regarding the Easterns:

If you plan on going to Easterns register now, don’t put it off early registration can help with slots all those that went to regionals have qualified, you will be slotted on your results and your points as Beth said go to surfesa.org or just go to surfsignup and register as you usually do for contest . We have a pretty full house already reach out if you are in need of a place to stay , to those that have committed to rooms you can send $ anytime rooms are $50 per night bunks $25 for the adults we need a three night commitment Don’t forget the Buddy this weekend lookin like some waves.

For the Buddy Pelletier Memorial Longboard Classic occurring this weekend, all info and signup can be found on their site. It will run from July 28 to 29 at Oceanana Pier, Atlantic Beach.

Heat Times for Contest 3 Available

Hope you’re looking forward to the contest tomorrow! Weather.com reports 80+ degrees temperature with a feel of between 90 to 100 so be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and water!

First in the water at 8 am, set up at 7 am. Please pull your car to the gravel lot on the east side of Doubletree. Tell parking attendant you are competing in the CNC contest.

Push and Go at 11:30 AM. Let us [Wes or Tim] know if you are coming. There will be a sign up at the tent, be sure to get there early and sign the release form. Also, please park on the east side in the gravel lot after unloading. We are guest and need to respect the Hotel customers.

Updates Galore!

I’m sorry about the lack of posts lately. It’s been a busy-ish couple months for me. On that note, I have tons of updates and news for you! 😀

First off, our 3rd contest of the season is being held at Double Tree, Atlantic Beach on June 23. It’s early but it never hurts to register early, amirite? 😉 Link to signup here. You can also go to our Schedule page as well.


The Emerald Isle Youth Series have started up again this year. Here are the details from Beth on this event. If you have questions, ask Beth, Tim, or Wes.

Hope everyone has been doing great!
The Emerald Isle Youth Surf Series is here 🙂

The Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department, led by Alesia Sanderson and the Central North Carolina/ Eastern Surfing Association, led by Tim Nixon and Wes Whitt are happy to sponsor the series again with the support of several shops.

The series will take place:
~ on Tuesdays
~ on June 12th, July 10th, and August 7th
~ at the Western Access (near the Islander)
~ at 4:15 p.m.

Entry forms can be picked up and dropped off at the following locations:
Atlantic Beach- Atlantic Beach Surf Shop, Bert’s Surf Shop, and Marsh’s Surf Shop
Morehead City-Action Surf Shop
Emerald Isle- Bert’s Surf Shop, South Swell Surf Shop
and of course the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department


At the end of the next month we have our annual Buddy Pelletier Memorial Longboard Classic. There are many things you can do! We have the Saturday Night Beach Party and a Beach Clean Up Contest. There’s even a chance to win an Action surfboard in the Open Division! Check our Other Events page, the Buddy Pelletier page, or our Facebook group for more info.


If you want to browse through some surfing photos, Star News Online recently published a photo gallery from the 17th Street Surf Shop Shredfest Surf contest. Enjoy!


Last but not least, a professor is seeking to do a survey about local breaks and how they are important to the local surfers. If you have a few minutes, take the time to fill it out. I’m sure they’ll appreciate it. 🙂 Here’s what Wes posted regarding the survey:

From a professor at ODU in Norfolk. They are doing a survey about local breaks and how important the breaks are to the local surfers. Let your input be heard. Take the survey.

My student and I are doing a research study about surfing in VA and NC and we’re trying to get surfers from all over both states to respond. My student is from Wilmington but lives in VA Beach now. I used to live on the Outer Banks. We are both surfers. The survey questions cover everything from surfers’ connections to the places they surf to access issues and beach nourishment. We’d love to hear from surfers on the Central Coast! Participants can also enter to win one of multiple e-gift cards after they fill out the survey.

Survey link: bit.ly/VA-NCsurfstudy
(be sure to copy and paste it into your browser or enter it exactly as shown above)


Whew! I think that about covers everything for now. If I missed any details or know of upcoming events, leave a comment.

Oh, also, if you would like your photos from contests or other related events posted on this site, feel free to email them to me. Just make sure to mention what contest/event they are from and who I should credit.

That’s all folks! Enjoy the warm sunny weather and see you next time. ☀

Contest #2 with many more to follow

Contest 2 is coming up tomorrow (though keep an eye on our FB page should the decision change in the morning)! I hope you are pumped. 😀 It is held at the North Topsail Beach. Keep in mind for future contests that we are moving away from paper entry forms in surf shops. Here is a quick recap from Tim regarding signing up for the contests:

We are not planning on leaving entry foams in surf shops. ESA IS REQUIRING everyone to use www.surfsignup.com to register and pay. Season passes are available at discounts, see me or Wes. We will also have the ability to use debit or credit card charges, need to avoid checks and cash.

Not too far behind, we have the Mid-Atlantic Regionals which is happening from May 4 to 6. Info is here. If you have any questions about the Regionals, ask Tim or Wes.

It appears we also have the Earth and Surf event and the Steel Pier Classic occurring in May. More details on this as they come.

In other news, the points from contest 1 is up on the page! We also introduced new rules on how to earn additional contest points. These particular rules apply only to the CNC district. Please refer to the Rules page for more info.