Be sure to go over the rules on how contests are operated. If you are unclear on something, feel free to ask our CNC directors.


The following portion is in regards to Additional Contest Points for CNC district only:

– Contestants who judge or tabulate five heats or more, contest directors and contestants whom the directors acknowledge gave exceptional service (eg. acting as announcer for the contest) during a contest will get an additional 100 points for the ESA/CNC heats in which they participate. This includes acting as Head Judge for a heat but excludes wave counters. The 100 extra points does not apply to non-ESA heats such as Open Longboard, Soft-Top and other fun heats. Remember, heats can be judged using 3 or 5 judge panels. Please remember to put your full name on your judging/tabulation sheet so you can get credit for judging.

– Should you surf in Open Shortboard and not fulfill the rule for Additional Points, you will receive no contest points.

– For water touching (if you touch the water but do not surf in your heat), credit will be given for surfing the contest with 100 points when there are other surfers in that heat. If there are no other competitors in a heat a score of 1000 will be applied.

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ESA Rules discuss:
– Age category
– Size/type of board used in each category
– Requirements to compete at Regional and Eastern contests
– Judging/Scoring criteria
– How to tell when your heat starts/ends
– How many waves can I ride in a heat
– What happens if I exceed the number of allowed waves in a heat
– What is considered interference
– How long is a heat
– How many waves are counted in my score
– Can I review my scores
– How do I file a complaint
– Definition of surfing terms (eg. Tube ride, aerial, re-entry, cutback,power slides, floater, carve, etc.)
– Tabulating scores