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Banquet Reminder, ESA Highlights, and Updates

February 2, 2019

The End of the Year Banquet is coming up quick! It's at Jack's Waterfront Restaurant in Morehead City on February 10th at 3 PM. We have good food, great times, and awesome company.

Latest updates from Wes on Facebook:

Update on activities and such.
Josh Bradley has the trailer and is cleaning the old logos off and repairing the doors and such. We plan to update our sponsor logos.

We have a great banquet planned and you will want to be there.

We are inviting past members, anyone that has been associated with the CNC District. I am starting a draft of our history to link to our website. If you see someone that has been associated in the past with the ESA/CNC, tell them about our banquet.

We have so many great surfers from our District. Let's keep it going.

Last, I will be requesting help with deserts. If you are able to bring a desert let me know. I will update what has been committed so we do not duplicate it. Or call me, 252-622-8804.

I am looking for an intern to help with social media, Instagram and such. Email me if you are interested. Drew is in college and was a great asset, but school is calling.

Emily Morris has been working on a new website, the old one is still up and active. We are keeping it current until we get the new website up.

I will try to have the schedule setup on Surfsign up this weekend.

We will be having raffles for gifts and will be drawing the winner for the SUP, an awesome board.

Look for more.

Some exciting highlights on ESA:

More on the ESA highlights and how our future is changing. Though not all our surfers are part of this mix, this exposure brings new ideas, new paths and new changes to our amateur organization. Simply copy and paste to your browser. If you love surfing, then you will love the new ESA!

I am very excited to share additional links that showcases the ESA in the media, in case you missed them on social media:)

Here is our press release that has been posted on our website and social media pages.
ESA Enters WSL Florida Pro Surf Competition

Here is an article that Surfer posted on Wednesday after Matt Shaw sat with our All-Star coach Jason Motes in Florida.
ESA Strikes Partnership with WSL

ESM will be doing a feature on this new chapter for the ESA as soon as they finish their coverage of the Florida Pro. I'll be sure to let you know when that is posted.

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