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CNC Annual Banquet + Update

December 25, 2018

Ho ho ho ho. I hope y'all are having a safe and relaxing holidays and looking forward to the new year! To wrap up the year, an announcement regarding the annual banquet:

We have finally made a plan for our annual banquet it is going to be at Jack’s waterfront restaurant in Morehead city on Sunday, February 10 starting at 3 PM we are planning a fun banquet with lots of good food sponsored by banks grill and plan on having a guest speaker tell your friends and make arrangements now for the banquet our 2019 schedule is almost done and will be posted any day now we are going to start early this year in March so look for the schedule soon hope everybody gets some good surf gear for Christmas

And another thing to note:

We want everyone to remember our great sponsor's for the 2018 Season, go by and see them.

Action Surf Shop, South Swell Surf Shop, Standup Outfitters in New Bern, Island Pet Veterinary Hospital Cape Carteret, Banks Grill, Jimmy Johns in MHC, Chic-fil-a MHC, Moore Auto in MHC, Marsh's Surf Shop, Carolina Sports, MHC.

Sponsors make the difference. More to come on our year and how we are doing as a District. We had a great season with a lot of competitors improving, growing and making a difference in their community, something we are most proud of. Send us your highlights from school, community service and anything in your everyday life and share with your fellow surfers. We are a family of surfers, but we are also citizens and neighbors.

That about wraps it up. One additional parting note from me: expect to see updates before the new season starts. I'm really excited about it and hope you are too.

Happy holidays and a happy New Year!

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