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Before you can participate in our contests, you will need to register as a member for our parent organization (Eastern Surfing Organization). The page provides links and forms for you to fill out and send in to the appropriate party. Once you become a member, you can signup for which contests you want to participate in as well as the divisions you want to surf in.
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Like any competition, our contests rely on rules to make it a fun, competitive environment. Visit the page to review what the ESA rules cover.
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At CNC, we usually have 6 contests scheduled for each season. The Schedule page will show the dates, alternate dates, location, directions to the contest’s location, and a link to register for that contest.
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Other Events

Other events may be scheduled outside CNC’s locally-run contests. They may be sponsored by CNC or organized by another surfing organization such as Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation. Many may offer cash prize and a chance to achieve professional surfer status.
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At the end of each surfing contest, points are calculated and put into a spreadsheet. Surfer contestants can review this document to see how much points they have accumulated and their standing in each division.
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