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October 2, 2017

It's October, weather is becoming cooler, and we're already entering our final contest of the season. Contest #6 is this weekend (October 7th) so if you haven't registered yet, please do it soon! Registration closes on Wednesday the 4th. Here are some extra info from Wes on Contest #6. (Taken from our FB page)

We have confirmed the site for Contest #6, the Double Tree in Atlantic Beach. Scheduled for Oct. 7th, Seafood Festival Weekend, this contest will be a Costume Contest and a Celebration of our year. Te theme is Halloween and the costume heats will be at the end of the day.

This Contest will feature:
Open Longboard
Super Open Shortboard- for cash but surfers competing in the Open division can compete for the points and not enter the cash portion of the division. 
Costume heats
Open Soft Top
Push and Go- We will have soft tops for anyone needing a board for the push and go division and we will have people to assist with push and go if a parent needs assistance. Spread the word!
Open to the public!


We have 2 more sponsors on board and helping out Saturday. Chick-fil-A and Jimmy Johns. We plan to ave a small break mid day Saturday and enjoy a meal together. Contest 6 marks a challenging and fun season of surfing and we hoe the weather and waves co-operate with us one more event. If you have any other ideas for the end of the season please forward to Tim and I.

We're looking forward to seeing you there!! 😀 Also, here are some coverage on the Easterns if y'all want to revisit.

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