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June 6, 2018

I'm sorry about the lack of posts lately. It's been a busy-ish couple months for me. On that note, I have tons of updates and news for you! 😀

First off, our 3rd contest of the season is being held at Double Tree, Atlantic Beach on June 23. It's early but it never hurts to register early, amirite? 😉 Link to signup here. You can also go to our Schedule page as well.


The Emerald Isle Youth Series have started up again this year. Here are the details from Beth on this event. If you have questions, ask Beth, Tim, or Wes.

Hope everyone has been doing great!
The Emerald Isle Youth Surf Series is here 🙂

The Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department, led by Alesia Sanderson and the Central North Carolina/ Eastern Surfing Association, led by Tim Nixon and Wes Whitt are happy to sponsor the series again with the support of several shops.

The series will take place:
~ on Tuesdays
~ on June 12th, July 10th, and August 7th
~ at the Western Access (near the Islander)
~ at 4:15 p.m.

Entry forms can be picked up and dropped off at the following locations:
Atlantic Beach- Atlantic Beach Surf Shop, Bert's Surf Shop, and Marsh's Surf Shop
Morehead City-Action Surf Shop
Emerald Isle- Bert’s Surf Shop, South Swell Surf Shop
and of course the Emerald Isle Parks and Recreation Department


At the end of the next month we have our annual Buddy Pelletier Memorial Longboard Classic. There are many things you can do! We have the Saturday Night Beach Party and a Beach Clean Up Contest. There's even a chance to win an Action surfboard in the Open Division! Check our Other Events page, the Buddy Pelletier page, or our Facebook group for more info.


If you want to browse through some surfing photos, Star News Online recently published a photo gallery from the 17th Street Surf Shop Shredfest Surf contest. Enjoy!


Last but not least, a professor is seeking to do a survey about local breaks and how they are important to the local surfers. If you have a few minutes, take the time to fill it out. I'm sure they'll appreciate it. 🙂 Here's what Wes posted regarding the survey:

From a professor at ODU in Norfolk. They are doing a survey about local breaks and how important the breaks are to the local surfers. Let your input be heard. Take the survey.

My student and I are doing a research study about surfing in VA and NC and we’re trying to get surfers from all over both states to respond. My student is from Wilmington but lives in VA Beach now. I used to live on the Outer Banks. We are both surfers. The survey questions cover everything from surfers’ connections to the places they surf to access issues and beach nourishment. We’d love to hear from surfers on the Central Coast! Participants can also enter to win one of multiple e-gift cards after they fill out the survey.

Survey link:
(be sure to copy and paste it into your browser or enter it exactly as shown above)


Whew! I think that about covers everything for now. If I missed any details or know of upcoming events, leave a comment.

Oh, also, if you would like your photos from contests or other related events posted on this site, feel free to email them to me. Just make sure to mention what contest/event they are from and who I should credit.

That's all folks! Enjoy the warm sunny weather and see you next time. ☀

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