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June 10, 2020

ESA’S 2020 Regional events have been cancelled. The Easterns is still a go! It'll be held at Nag's Head. More information will come soon regarding the Easterns. Check the ESA site regularly for updates. If you were eligible for Regionals, you will be eligible for Easterns. Reach out to Wes or Tim if you have questions.

The Youth Surf Competition series will not be held this month. The next date will be held on July 15th so mark your calendars!

Discussion is ongoing for the CNC contests. The decision has been made to pull the plug on the 6/20 contest. We could not receive a commitment on a permit for 6/20 that had proper facilities and adequate space and parking. We are moving forward to committing for the July contest.

Further word from Wes:

One thought is since we are not having an official contest to maybe gather together for a surf session and a gathering. Let us know, we would love to all get together for some surf, fun and good all fashion hanging out. Location to be determined. Let us know your thoughts.

For those not aware, the Buddy is postponed until 2021. We are also considering doing a second contest in July on that date. Stay tuned as Tim and I meet in the next 2 days.

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